What Are Genital Warts?

It would not exactly be an overstatement to say there are no warts anyone would remotely consider appealing.

There are various different types of warts that can be acquired through infections of the skin and all of these warts are unsightly.

The traditional warts people are accustomed to dealing with would be common warts and Plantar warts. Again, both of these warts present a rather unseemly looking appearance.

However, there are other warts one can acquire through infections of the viruses that cause warts. Among the most feared and reviled would be genital warts.

What are genital warts?

As the name describes, genital warts are those warts that appear on or around the genital region. These warts can also appear on the thighs and even in the anus region.These warts are spread by variants on the traditional virus that causes warts – HPV, the human papillomavirus. As with other types of warts, genital warts are contagious.However, the degree in which these warts are contagious is much higher. That means they can spread a lot quicker and more severely.Worst of all, you might not see a single genital wart.Rather, there could be several clusters of genital warts that form creating a somewhat garish appearance. Hence, those that contract gential warts will likely want the warts to be addressed and removed as quickly as possible.

A Sexually Transmitted Disease

Genital warts are, first and foremost, a form of sexually transmitted disease. They are spread through direct skin to skin contact.

When a person has any type of sex with a person infected with the warts, then the potential for contracting these warts is quite high.

Strangely, there are those that carry the HPV virus but do not have warts but can spread the virus to others who then end up developing the warts.

It is possible for someone to carry the virus for many years before the warts actually develop. In some instances, the warts may not appear until one full decade after initial infection with the virus.

The Formation of the Warts

The warts can develop in single form or they can also develop as the aformentioned clusters.

Men may have the warts present on the tip of their penis, women could have then in the area right outside the vagina and both can have these warts in the anal region.

There may be warts present on other areas of the genitals such as the scrotum or shaft of the penis. It is possible (although very rare) that the warts can appear in the mouth or the throat.

Treating the Problem of Genital Warts

Once a man or a woman notices something out of the ordinary that appears to be the formation of genital warts, they will likely wish to see a doctor to have the warts treated.

Taking action to deal with the warts is the responsible thing to do since it would not be a good thing to allow the warts remain and potentially risk spreading the warts to other partners.

A doctor will commonly make an evaluation of the warts and then take the necessary steps to treat them.

The doctor may freeze the warts off with cryotherapy. Laser and surgical treatments have been used to address the problem of these warts.

At Home Treatments

Most wart removal products mention they are not to be used to treat genital warts.

However, there are certain at home over the counter products that make the claimn they can be used for such warts.

The “Wartrol Genital Warts Relief” product might be worth looking researching at but it is best to always consult with a primary care physician when questions arise about genital warts and the virus that causes them.

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